Melissa Fine

Nutritionist & Freelance Writer 

Returned from a year in Hong Kong at the end of 2016, where I and was the Editorial Assistant Intern and Freelance Writer for Sassy Mama HK ( Back on the freelance writing train for the health industry and beyond since returning to Sydney. 

Current Gigs: 

  • Freelance Health Editor for Aussie health food sampling service GoodnessMe Box (
  • Freelance Content Writer for Be Media - SEO, Web Design and Social Media Marketing Agency (

BA - English Literature (Creative Writing and Media Writing) | Adv Dip Nutritional Medicine

GoodnessMe Box Blog

The 10 Healthiest Guilt-Free Chips and Crackers to Buy

Looking for a cleaner chip? Our GMB Nutritionist Melissa Fine gives the lowdown on the healthier options on the market - from corn chips to broccoli chips (really!) and our favourite crackers, there’s something for everyone here. If you’re gonna have a corn chip, have a Totopo! While your commercial corn chips are made with dried maize, lacking the extra nutritional benefits, Doña Cholita Totopos are made from Mexican tortillas; these use a special kind of maize flour from corn that’s been soak
GoodnessMe Box Blog

Is Cold Brew Coffee Better for You than Regular Coffee?

All your questions on this hipster coffee craze answered by our Nutritionist Melissa Fine. Cold brew coffee paved its way into the Aussie coffee scene several years back, and now it’s hard to come by a coffee shop that isn’t serving the stuff. We’ve caught onto the trend too, so much so that we just had to include a grab-and-go, shelf stable cold brew in this month’s GoodnessMe Box for you guys (you’re welcome ☺). Here’s everything you need to know on our current drink of choice, and check out
Sassy Hong Kong

Five Healthy Snacks from 7-Eleven

There’s no need to resort to sugar and grease-laden snacks with these five nutritionist-approved options from the store that’s on every corner in HK. Healthy snacking just got a bit easier… Unfortunately, most of the nuts at 7-Eleven are loaded with vegetable oil, which sounds a lot healthier than it actually is (omega-6 rich vegetable oils are prone to oxidation, and when consumed in excess to omega-3, can encourage inflammation). While most of Blue Diamond’s individually portioned nuts are ro