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Balmain Dentist

Worry Not! Wisdom Teeth Removal Is Easy

While our prehistoric, hunter-gatherer ancestors had larger jaws to easily accommodate a third set of molars, with evolution our jaws have shortened – making it uncomfortable and often painful for our wisdom teeth to squeeze in, as well as rendering them useless for most people…hence the now very common, recommendation for wisdom teeth removal. Back in the pre-dentist days of hominids – whose diet consisted of raw meat, plants and nuts – wisdom teeth served as convenient ‘backup teeth’ when oth
GoodnessMe Box Blog

The 6 Healthiest Hot Chocolate Spots in Sydney

Have your chocolate and drink it too with one of these wholefood hot chocolates, happily taste-tested by GoodnessMe Box Nutritionist, Melissa Fine. The Beetroot and Cacao Latte on Harry’s new Bondi hipster menu is like nothing I’ve ever tried….and you won’t feel like you’re drinking a cup of borscht or a beetroot juice, I promise! The beetroot flavour is subtle and adds a lovely pink hue to the creamy house-made almond and macadamia milk, which they sweeten with dates. Like the waitress describ